Shaksphere he Was A Racist!!

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I has got to luaghh at al them Shaksphere prefessers thay “tern Out” to be Not Interllectural affter al becose Now thay complaning abote Triggre Warnings and aslo thay Dont “evin” know Shaksphere he had was A Racist!!!

Wee lernt al abote “it in” Socile Jutstus 101 how he dint evin rite them Stopid Plays but insted thay was writt By a Muzlim Lesbian LBGTQU wimmin from Affricka he keeped Her “in” his seller as A Slav!!!! She wrote al them playes!! evry last “one of” them!

Socile Jutstus it sayes yiu got to has Triggre Warnings on evrything and That “is” only rihght becose ohtherwyse somboddy thay mihght reed somthing Or here somthing and “it wil” Tramatyze them!! so waht’s The “big deel”??? Yiu jist put on Al “the” Triggre Warnings and then thay Can stil stoddy watever Is Left Over! Like thare Is this one play caled Tight As Ann Dronickus it is abote Cannables thay ete eech Other and aslo some Murders,, wel yiu jist Putt duckt Tape over al them Parts and only stoddy the Rest all thogh whye any boddy thay wuld “want to” stoddy any thing buy a Wite Priblidge Guy Like Shaksphere it must Be Becose thay “are” jist Racists and Knotsys and aslo Biggits.

So us reel Interllecturals we going To get Auntyfa to jist beet Up any boddy whoo dont want no Triggre Warnings and wen Hillery she Is pressadint she wil jist get ridd of Shaksphere all togedder!!!

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  1. Not only was Shakespeare a racist, but he was also a sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, ableist, speciesist, climbit denier, and carnivore. Joe Collidge must have been rioting with Aunty Fa the day all those other categories were covered. Or maybe he was triggered too early.

    What if someone is triggered by being forced to read all those trigger warnings? — or triggered by the word “trigger”?

  2. Shakespeare already wrote about Hillary Clinton – she was MacBeth’s wife.

    But everyone with a collige education knows the Shakespearean plays and sonnets were written in a corroboratory effort by Bacon & Marlowe.

    And speaking of racists, don’t the Leftids know that the founder and prophet of their religion, Charles Darwin, was a huge racist?

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