Bonus Video: Mr. Bean in the Waiting Room

For a while there Rowan Atkinson stopped doing comedy because he was afraid he’d be thrown in jail for making someone laugh: Political Correctness in action. But he has left us a wonderful legacy in hilarious “Mr. Bean” videos. Watch how he makes use of his time in the dentist’s waiting room.

2 comments on “Bonus Video: Mr. Bean in the Waiting Room

  1. How could the guy say one word and make people laugh? I know he is a great physical comic, but the times he speaks he managed to make one syllable hilarious.

    There was one show, I don’t remember which, where he was in a dispute of sorts with someone named Bob. He asked some question, left a long pause and then ended with the name Bob, but with a long “O”. It slayed me.

    I’m not surprised that he finds the idea of comedy daunting in our PC times.

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