7 Minutes of Funny Bunnies

You may have noticed I tag these animal videos “Sanity Medicine.” Why? Well, driving home from the Keyport Fishery (best seafood in New Jersey) today, I almost went off the road when I heard Hillary Clinton, on the radio, deplore “the politicization of the Justice Dept.” Can you be that utterly without self-awareness and not be as mad as a hatter?

Anyhow, bunnies, cats, dogs, hamsters, turtles–they’re all good for leading us back to sanity.

5 comments on “7 Minutes of Funny Bunnies

  1. A nice little break from the J’Accuse of the sexual harassment hysteria and the coming ever so progressive Great Leap Forward courtesy of stale obsolete ideas from a 19th century German bum and his true believer comrade followers.
    Lots of rabbits around here and they keep it in the subdivisions where they are less likely to get ran over.
    Their tales are all white but the coat is still a light brownish tan color.
    We had the first frost last week and it gets into the low 30s overnight.

  2. You know I enjoyed this video! I remember coming home from work one day and sitting in my easy chair when my wife came up to me and said hold your hands out, which I did. She then pulled out a two week old bunny hidden in her rolled up t-shirt. Bincy looks just like the bunny playing with the tether ball but smaller. She is now going on 11 years old.

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