Bonus Video: Funny Turtles

I remember my box turtles cheesing off our dog, Rags, by eating his dog-food and ignoring his objections. What could he do to them?

One of these tortoises is attempting to mate with a basketball; but the others appear to be… well, playing. We even see a tortoise, perhaps an Aesop’s Fables re-enactor, trying to catch a rabbit. That reminds me of my nice pet land crab who became the object of a small tortoise’s amorous ambitions, resulting in the world’s slowest romance on the floor of my iguana cage.

There’s a lot more to the mind of a turtle than we might think.

It’s God’s stuff, and it always works. A lot better than any computer, we might add.

4 comments on “Bonus Video: Funny Turtles

  1. Cute as can be, and who would’ve thought about a back-scratch for a turtle but that turtle sure was enjoying it, or a race with a pick-up truck. The guinea pig ride was pretty funny too. They were all cute. Thanks, Lee 🙂

    1. Most people don’t realize that snapping turtles make really nice pets. That’s who was getting the back rub, by the way–a snapper. And a rather well-fed one, at that.

  2. What fun to watch! The white rabbit was obviously my favorite. And speaking of books, today was Linda & my 40th wedding anniversary and our church put on a big dinner (but not for us, for our annual church Thanksgiving feast, ha ha). I talked to a librarian in attendance and asked him how I could get Lee’s books into our public library. He said if I write a letter to the Executive Director it would carry the most weight, so I will be getting right on it.

    1. I hope you have better luck than I had, trying to get them into my hometown library.

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