Classic Sanity Break: Cat Watching ‘Psycho’

All right, that’s it, no more nooze for a couple of days.

I know I ran this video once before, but I just can’t help loving it. Watch the cute cat’s eyes as he watches a scary scene in Psycho. Who says cats aren’t hip to what they see on a TV screen? I wonder if they’ve spent more time among humans than is strictly advisable.

Note to readers: If I can manage it, are you up for another bit of Oy, Rodney?

3 comments on “Classic Sanity Break: Cat Watching ‘Psycho’

  1. Now, that is cute. I once had a cat who only watched animal shows, ignored commercials, then back to the show. This little cat seemed
    really freaked out.

  2. The poor kitty sure reacted appropriately, seeming to understand. Trying to understand just what animals do understand is a wonderment in itself 🙂

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