My Newswithviews column, Nov. 23 (‘Creepy Science’)

Well, we have returned in one piece from almost three hours on the Garden State Parkway. Thank you, Lord.

I forgot to do it this morning, so here it is now: this week’s Newswithviews coiumn.

3 comments on “My Newswithviews column, Nov. 23 (‘Creepy Science’)

  1. Nice column.

    These people worship their own wisdom, but that is never a good idea. There are some wise people on earth, but knowledge of our Creator is the beginning of wisdom, so that leaves much of the scientific community at the starting gate. Even those whom are wise and have love for their Creator can only be wise in human terms. Wisdom possessed by God is another matter and much greater than any human could possibly possess.

    I don’t know how every cosmic problem can be solved, but I know that mankind’s standing orders are to populate the earth. I’m betting on the side of God’s wisdom when it comes to this matter.

  2. Wonderful column as always, Lee. I especially loved your description of the trend as “an enormous flow of thick, viscid creepiness that cannot possibly do us any good.”

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