Answered Prayers: Jax the Kitten

jaxx and boo now

See that great big black cat sleeping with his best friend, the pit bull, on the sofa?

That big cat, some months ago, was Jax the little kitten, picked up by my stepdaughter Georgia in the middle of a storm, adopted, and found to be at death’s door, due to a serious blood condition requiring immediate treatment–including a transfusion of very rare donor blood, etc.

Many of us prayed for Jax, and now you can see the result.

It’s become fashionable these days, in a fallen world populated by sinners who have free will and atrociously abuse it, to say that prayer is futile, waste of breath, just won’t work–even some who call themselves Christians are saying that prayer is just a waste of time. And who has never had that thought cross his mind?

But this fine healthy cat is here because a woman had compassion on him, and acted on it, and because God heard our prayers and did the rest.

Rejoice, give thanks, and sing.

13 comments on “Answered Prayers: Jax the Kitten

  1. I know prayer works, and nobody can talk me out of it. I was instantly healed twice, and have seen two instances of prayer of healing of
    animals work miracles.

    1. Amen, Erlene! I, too, have had instantaneous answers to prayer. Our Father loves His children and wants the best for us – although sometimes we don’t know what that is.

      Praise God for answering all our prayers sent up for Jax, and bless your step-daughter for having such a tender heart.

    2. My instantaneous answer occurred when I was the bottom guy moving a refrigerator up the cellar steps. All of a sudden my strength was all used up, I know the feeling–I was going to fail, and fall down the concrete stairs with a freakin’ fridge on top of me! But the Lord heard and granted my prayer before that could happen, and the job got finished safely.

    3. It was a close call. It’s not a nice feeling, when you know you’re just a heart beat away from having no strength left at all. I learned to know that feeling in judo. Weight-lifters know it even better. Anyhow, the Lord knew I needed help in a hurry.

    4. We have such a loving Father. I’ve had prayers answered while I was still formulating the thought! 🙂

    5. Been there, done that. I volunteered to help my friend move into a two story house. When I almost lost it pushing the fridge up the steps, imagine my surprise when I discovered he had not even emptied it – know wonder it felt so heavy.

  2. Since God is omniscient and knows what we pray for even before we ask, prayer can be seen as a way to get our marching orders since we are soldiers in His army. As St. Paul admonished us, “Pray without ceasing.”

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