Culture Collapse, Continued

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Laocoon and his sons, when the serpents got ’em…

What’s wrong with this sentence? “In one of her first interviews, Harmony told Sun Online she loves sex…” (

They’re talking about a robot: “Harmony, the sex robot with a Scottish accent who likes threesomes.” Oops, sorry–I should’ve told you up front to have a barf bag handy. I refuse to say they talked with a robot, because, as anybody but a moron knows, even the fanciest robot can only simulate a human conversation. It doesn’t know or understand what it’s doing, any more than a member of Congress does. It is only a simulation. It is not a real being. I mean, have you seen the picture of that thing? Yechhh!

Hey, call me old-fashioned, but I say “having sex” with a machine, be it a lowly egg beater or a newfangled “sex robot,” does not count as actually having sex. Inanimate objects cannot partake of sex. They can’t partake of anything. Is that really such a difficult concept to grasp?

As the United States and England writhe in the grasp of multiple sexual harassment scandals, reminiscent of Laocoon getting throttled by the serpents, here we are with our highly-esteemed nooze media jabbering about sex robots with a Scottish accent. Given the temper of the times, who can expect anyone to behave like a decent human being? Children start learning in bally kindergarten that all sex, no matter how improbable, no matter how bizarre, is something to be affirmed and celebrated–and done, for that matter!–or else. Why is anyone even complaining about TV nooze stars and movie moguls pulling down their pants in front of young women? What else can you honestly expect?

Try not to worry too much. If this news item disgusts you, you’re probably all right.

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  1. Here’s how I see it. Sexual activity without love may be exciting to some people, but it’s not satisfying. Yes, people can and do have “casual encounters”, but that it not to say that these are satisfying in the long term. Some people become dependent upon the thrill of novel partners and it is my opinion that this is actually what has happened when people claim to be sex-addicted. But excitement isn’t the same as love. Sharing sexually with someone we truly love and whom is a true life partner is a much more satisfying prospect than any meaningless encounter.

    Once the step is taken towards a machine, the prospects of any emotional reward drop to zero. There is no humanity to share with a robot. I can’t even imagine how creepy it would be to be in the presence of a machine simulating sexual excitement. My mind refuses to even think about such a thing. It’s repulsive.

    We are humans, made in the image of the Living God. He lets us have a lot of latitude in our life, but He does expect us to be a worthy reflection of His image. The sexual element of life was made by our Creator, and to reduce it to a computer algorithm acted out by an electro-mechanical device is to insult our Creator’s provision.

  2. The more secular society becomes, the less it values human life and promotes things which are anti-life: abortion, same-sex marriage, sex robots, etc. And the ones that do have children have fewer of them.

    1. Talk about generalizing every man as some sort of sexual predator, and every woman as some sort of saint. We just have to look at Hillary Clinton to know that isn’t true. Everyone in positions of power are capable of abusing it, men and women alike.

      I’ve been asking myself where all this is going. It started with legitimate allegations. But how long in this hyper-reactionary society will it morph into something more ominous? I’ve already seen a disturbing trend to automatically believe any accusation that comes along. That is literally a feminist’s dream come true. I’m not saying we should dismiss every accusation out of hand, but they need to be vetted as much as possible, and not just accept them on hearsay. But what I’ve been seeing is a guilty until proven innocent mindset, and if that is how it is now, we’re all in trouble.

    1. It’s mind boggling. One thing the Left always forgets, is that people have choices. They can take their daughters out of Girl Guides and of enough people do that there will no longer be any such thing as Girl Guides. The NFL felt the pain recently because of their player’s actions and there are alternative organizations to Boy Scouts gaining ground in the US.

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