Prof: ‘Violate Laws’ to ‘Destroy White Democracy’

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And if you’re still thinking of sending any of your offspring to what we laughingly call “college,” think again.

As part of a “Social Justice Lecture Series,” for which students earned extra credit for attending, a Diablo Valley College political science professor recently exhorted students to “violate” laws–all in the cause of combating imaginary “white supremacy” (

Why must we seek “the abolition of white democracy,” as recommended by the professor? Because, he explained, “We exist in a white supremacist, patriarchal, heteronormative, capitalist system.” Sigh. Really, it would be so much nicer to live in a Third World communist system where normal sex is forbidden.

Unfortunately for clarity, the genius never got around to saying what laws ought to be violated. All of them? Oh, well, when you’re on a roll, these minor oversights will happen. Better violate them all, just to make sure.

America has too many colleges, way too many young people sitting in lecture halls listening to rot, too many idiots pretending to “teach” them, too many administrators pulling down high salaries and getting generous pensions for presiding over this shambles, and way too much money wasted on it.

Cut off the funding.

Before it’s too late.

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  1. Maybe in Trump’s second term he can get around to trimming the fat off of the university system and begin a tirade of tweets against anti-American propaganda parading as knowledge in our national educational system.

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