Cats: Smart Enough to be Weird

The fun thing about cats is you really don’t know what they’re going to do next. It might be something clever, or it might be something stupid. See if you can stay with me here: it takes a certain level of intelligence to do something stupid. A starfish can’t. Happily, cats are several levels above topping out on stupid. And they are also capable of weird.

10 comments on “Cats: Smart Enough to be Weird

  1. Well, finally, I get one with a Leave a Reply space. I do not know what is going on with this computer, or whatever it is. Anyway, I love these cats.

    1. WordPress keeps turning off the comments as its default position, and every time I post, I have to remember to turn them on.

  2. A cat come across a bug on the floor and pushes it around and plays with it. My wife sees a bug on the floor and freaks out and screams for me to run to her rescue.
    An aside: I saw “Darkest Hour” yesterday and in the beginning they have a scene where Winston Churchill is on his knees looking under his bed because the cat has gotten under there again.

    1. Churchill was very, very involved with his pets, especially the cats and dogs, but also goldfish and birds. There are a lot of great stories about that in Manchester’s biography of Churchill.

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