Aunt Joan’s Still With Us

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I got a call from the hospital this morning–not the call I’ve been dreading–asking my consent for another procedure for Aunt Joan, a special IV line to get the antibiotics to where they have to be. Which means she’s still hanging in there, we haven’t lost her yet. It came as a great relief to me. The nursing home also called, just to tell me they’re set up to take her back when she’s ready. More relief–although she’s by no means out of the woods yet, and she still needs our prayers.

My aunts were world travelers way back when, before there were passenger jets and only a very few people did this. Joan went just about everywhere. I wonder now if her travels served to strengthen her constitution. Who knows?

One thing I think I do know, one thing I think I can say with confidence: Prayer works. I’m pretty sure we all know that–I mean, after all, that’s why I take prayer requests and post them here.

Please continue your prayers on our behalf. O Lord our God, thank you for staying with us and for upholding us so far. We know that your will shall be done on earth as it is in Heaven. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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  1. I hope she continues to respond, Lee. The trials of life in this fallen world are challenging. There are few people that don’t face real grief and loss at one point or another and none of it was in the original plan for mankind. The encouraging thing is that people rise to face these challenges and put their best foot forward. Your aunt Joan is fortunate to have someone to care.

  2. God bless Aunt Joan.

    I do have a different prayer request of all you lovely Children of God out there.

    We here in Waltham, Massachusetts FOR TWO YEARS have been resisting the efforts of the Mayor and School Committee to take the property of our beloved retreat house. It is supposedly to build a new high school, though they have been wanting those beautiful 46 acres for a long time before they decided we need a new school.

    The place is called The Espousal Center. It is named for the espousal of Joseph and Mary, which provided a Holy Family for our precious Baby Jesus. The Stigmatine Fathers and Brothers who have been there since 1923, operate the Espousal Center. They provide marriage preparation classes and retreats for countless young engaged couples, and days, weekends, weeks of prayer, praise, counseling and meditation for all, in a place of beauty and peace.

    The City Council would have to approve a hostile taking, since the Fathers and Brothers refuse to sell. So far the City Council is with us, and have voted against an eminent domain taking TWICE! But the devil is persistent. Deception abounds! It is not over.

  3. The fact that the nursing home also called you, and is ready (even eager?) to see Joan recover and return to them, is a good sign that the nursing home cares. That’s very encouraging. Meanwhile, I continue my prayers.

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