Feminist Theology Babble, Pure Babble

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Ben Shapiro thinks he has discovered “the single most illiterate piece ever written on the Biblical story of Adam and Eve,” (https://www.dailywire.com/news/26947/female-rabbi-publishes-single-stupidest-piece-ben-shapiro) and we must admit it would be hard to beat. “Its central thesis is that God somehow sexually harassed Eve, and that Eve is ‘the first case of #MeToo’.”

Quick, the barf bag!

How could there be any “too” when she was the first and only woman in the world?

This pure crapola has been written by some “female rabbi” who is soon to have a book out on “Walking the Way of the Divine Feminine.” As Shapiro himself admits, “Words fail.”

It’s hard enough to imagine this person as any kind of rabbi, but equally hard to imagine her congregation. She calls God “this man-made figurehead of the patriarchy  [editor’s note: Oh, do please shut up!]…He is a fiction.” Really, what kind of congregation would sit through bilge like that? Had they nothing to throw at her?

She concludes, “Eve, our blessed mother, is saying ‘#MeToo’,” hashtag and all. With the hashtag, no less. Do any of you wonder why I say “#MeToo” is going to burn itself out?

Ben, Ben, faithful Orthodox Jewish brother, we feel your pain. We Christians are lumbered with the same profoundly grotesque feminist theology as are some hopefully small corners of Judaism. See my series of articles about paganism and goddess worship in the churches.

Blasphemy is a sin, and a serious sin at that. Being conformed to the inane and fleeting fashions of this world comes at a price: and there’s gonna be some howling and gnashing of teeth when it’s time to pay.


5 comments on “Feminist Theology Babble, Pure Babble

  1. I think the most accurate thing Shapiro says in his review is that the woman can’t read English. Nothing she says has any relationship to the text she’s supposedly discussing. But then, we create our own reality and everything is a self-constructed narrative, right? Or, to this woman, a self-constructed hashtag. What intellectual poverty.

  2. These are the same kind of people who claim Mary, mother of Jesus, was a victim of divine rape. Offensive, and utterly ridiculous. Scary to see so many tools of the enemy serving as rabbis, pastors, etc., purposely leading whole congregations of people astray. I wouldn’t want to be them on judgement day, that’s for sure.

  3. If you ever need to sober up, just read 2 Peter chapter two and what he has to say about people like Rabbi Tamara Kolton. He also warns each of us believers to be careful not to fall away.

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