The World Happiness Council… No Joke

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News from that other religion, the one all those Terribly Smart People believe in:

Did you know there is now an official and bona fide World Happiness Council? It’s true. After years of preparation, it was launched this very month at the World Government Summit in Dubai ( It will be funded by the United Nations, most of which is funded by the defenseless American taxpayer.

As Sheik Whatsisname put it, “The role of governments is to bring happiness to their peoples.” And wouldn’t Ray Bradbury have a field day with that, if he were still alive.

The big shots on the council include globalist zillionaires, a couple of Muslim oil sheikhs, the odd (very odd) Western academic, and a few individuals who were jailers under communist regimes. What could possibly go wrong?

I wonder what the punishments will be for not being happy? And who will decide what kinds of happiness are to be allowed? What if you can only be happy if someone else is unhappy? But we are multiplying absurdities.

Yo, government–you want to make us happy? Leave us alone! That’s right–butt out. Just do the things the Bible says you ought to do–protect us from those who try to do us harm, punish those who do wrong, and try to keep the peace. Actually, that’s more than enough work for any government, certainly enough to keep you busy! A government that can do those things, does well.

But a government who sees it as its job to make you happy? (Shakes head in pitying disbelief)

That sounds like it just might be the most dangerous thing that anyone has ever thought of.

8 comments on “The World Happiness Council… No Joke

  1. It’s amazing what people will fall for. These people have no notion of history, no understanding that when someone seeks to govern happiness all they can possibly do is produce misery.

  2. If you can’t learn to be happy with your new happiness government, they’ll provide all necessities at the re-education camp you’ll be sent to in order to learn how to be happy with them.

  3. I’m reminded of the joke we had in the military: “The punishment will continue until morale improves.”

  4. Good point about Ray Bradbury. I bet people don’t read Farenheit 451 any more, just like they stopped reading Allan Bloom. We will all suffer from this neglect, believe me.

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