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It’s been cold today, and we have a major snowstorm forecast for tomorrow, but warmer weather’s coming; and when it gets here, I want to be in trim to write my next Bell Mountain book. All I need is a plot, a title, and about 70,000 words of story.

First, though, I’ve got to read The Temptation–because I don’t remember what’s in it! You work very intensely on a book, and when you finally finish it, you hear a loud “Whoooosh!” as it all rushes out of your head. A few months later, it’s like you never wrote it: speaking only for myself, of course. I did leave several story lines that will have to be picked up. That’s somewhere to start, until the Lord gives me more to work with.

Yes, I know The Silver Trumpet (No. 10 in the series) comes before The Temptation, but I’m still waiting to get it from the printers. So for the time being I’ll devote my full attention to The Temptation. Ever since I lost 18 members of Lord Reesh’s personal staff between The Thunder King (No. 3) and The Last Banquet, I have had a dread of making an even bigger error. We do have Cathy, our great copy editor, to catch the ones that get away from me; but I’d rather not muff it in the first place.

“Why,” I pretend I hear you ask, “have you illustrated this post with a picture of The Palace? That’s Book No. 6. It doesn’t fit in here.”

Well, it’s only because The Palace, for some unfathomable reason, continues to lag behind the rest of the series and I would love to drum up some readership for it. And some customer reviews on Trust me: you don’t want to miss King Ryons’ hunt for the white doe, or Coronation Day in Obann.

Anyhow, I’ve started reading The Temptation and have already assuaged my fear that it might not measure up. I think it does.

But first we gotta get The Silver Trumpet printed!

5 comments on “My Next Book

  1. As I anxiously await ‘The Silver Trumpet’, one thing I’d like to mention about your books, Lee – every one of them is written with the reader wishing the story would go on forever. You’ve solved that beautifully, giving us a wonderful series that I, for one, hope goes on forever 🙂 Thank you

  2. I agree with Linda. I can’t imagine going to bed at night without reading more of the Bell Mountain adventures. When I finished “The Last Banquet,” I submitted a review of it on and was amazed I was the first one to do so. Those of you who have read Bell Mountain books, please submit reviews (they can be just a few sentences). This helps the books get a better position on the algorithms.

    1. Yes, please, yes! I really need those reviews. Poor “Palace,” with only three! And now I’ll go look at your “Last Banquet” review, because I’ll bet I missed it.

  3. By all means, everyone – please submit a review! I just checked to make sure mine was still up, and lo an behold – it is, under Bell Mountain. I read the first 5 books and then submitted a review. I wasn’t really familiar with quite how to do it so it wound up listed as kindle editions, which they were not. The first 5 are all print copies Should anyone wish to read it, my review is under ‘Bell Mountain’ March 6, 2016 Linda S.

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