Snuggly Kittens

You should probably win some kind of prize–a yacht, say–if you can guess how many kittens are in this pile. Maybe there are so many, they can’t help snuggling. But they must be happy, ’cause they’re purring. And when they get cheek to cheek with the microphones, you might think you were in lion country.

4 comments on “Snuggly Kittens

  1. What a beautiful litter of kittens! I would guess that they are Russian Blues. They sure know how to purr.

    I admire the grace and poise of kittens. Even little ones like this can look regal.

    1. Regal – until one fell out of the basket lol. Beautiful always 🙂

      And my guess at the number is 7, but they were certainly wiggly. Purring is such a wonderfully comforting sound.

  2. What a wonderful way to start the day … except that the soporific effect of the purring makes me want to go back to bed.

    Sometimes my cat Iggy can actually purr me to sleep at night.

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