They’re Doing It to Us Again…

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There are many scientific studies, including one from the government’s own Center for Disease Control, declaring that Americans don’t get enough sleep ( In fact, says the CDC, fully one-third of us is sleep-deficient: less than seven hours of sleep a night poses a risk to one’s health.

So what is that same government preparing to do to us this weekend?

Why, take away an hour of our sleep, of course!

Yes, it’s Daylight Savings Time again, which means we have to turn our clocks ahead an hour tonight and then, for the next week or so, be short on sleep or else be late for everything.

Is this really stupid, or what?

Bad enough we have neighbors aiming floodlights at our bedroom windows, sedentary jobs that wear us out without benefit of exercise, and a disintegrating culture to stress us out. On top of all that, they’ve got to take away an hour of our sleeping time.

Why don’t they spare us this? Is this just another one of those things that government does because it’s done it for so long, everyone’s forgotten the reason for it–if there ever was one–and nobody thinks anymore, they just freakin’ do it?

Yeah, probably.

6 comments on “They’re Doing It to Us Again…

  1. It takes a certain amount of brilliance to be this dim-witted. And yet, year after year they demonstrate just that!

    1. Thanks, Linda, I’ve fixed it.
      This happens because WordPress decided to automatically disable contents unless I specific order them to be allowed–adding an extra step to every post. And sometimes I forget to do it. I’m afraid to ask them to change it, lest they make the situation worse.

  2. My close family members all live in Havisu City, Arizona now. They do not have to change their clocks, so you could move there. Or better yet, move to China where they just have one time zone.

  3. I’ve read some dissenting opinions regarding DST recently. It’s an idea that, in my opinion, has outlived any usefulness it ever had. Some claim that it saves energy, but I’m not so certain that is true. The Dems have made the DST season ever longer, as if they were doling out something special to us peasants.

    Living in Arizona, with no DST has a disadvantage. During the DST months, I am effectively in the Pacific time zone. Any business with businesses, friends and relatives out of this state ends up offset by an hour, which makes things really difficult and many people find it confusing. Frankly, I think that they need to repeal this nonsense. If businesses want to adjust their hours to take advantage of the earlier sunrise in Summer, no problem, but it should be up to the individual.

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