The Ruin of Our FBI

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You’ve got to read this piece in “Imprimis” by former U.S. Attorney Joseph diGenova, The Politicization of the FBI ( You thought it was bad? Hoo-boy! It’s worse.

DiGenova, who’s had a long career as a prosecutor in many levels of government, lists all those things the FBI should have done, was required by law or protocol to do, and didn’t do; and all the things the FBI should not have done, in violation of law or established procedures, and did anyway. In short, the FBI has been fundamentally transformed into a criminal enterprise.

By whom? By politicians Obama and Hillary, by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, by Director James Comey (nothing but a dirty cop, diGenova concludes), and all the rest of the FBI top brass during the eight years of Obama. It culminated in ongoing campaigns to keep Hillary Clinton out of jail and to undermine and destroy Donald Trump’s presidency.

I don’t think it’s saying too much to say that, between them, Obama and Hillary were trying to carry out a coup, a bloodless (supposedly!) coup d’etat intended to transform the United States into a country where the apparatus of government is used to harass and punish the ruling party’s political opponents, and to shield and reward its supporters. This is more like treason than anything Aaron Burr ever did–and Burr was actually tried for treason. He beat the rap, but just barely. We saw the Obama regime do this with the IRS and the EPA: beat up on everyone who doesn’t support the Democrats, and sweep crimes by Democrats under the rug.

America will never be safe for all its citizens, our Constitution itself will not be safe, until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever.

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  1. You know, Mr. Lee, for the religious fellow you make yourself out to be on your blog you do a far amount to foment the current national divisiveness with un-Christian-like rhetoric that only serves to raise tensions even more. You hate things so much that you so readily provide accolades to some obscure 4-year federal attorney who is obviously Republican.. and writes about the ills of the FBI.. and yet again.. another specter of conspiracy theories. You like this guy’s book simply because this guy agrees with your political perceptions. That’s all.
    If this guy was such a great source of “deep throat” revelations about the inner FBI you’d think he would get his own party together to try and fix things.
    Seems to me the Christian thing might be to try and get folks together to talk and compromise. Not agitate; express some hope for the future, rather than surrender to some misguided notion that this is some grand “Onward Christian Soldiers” fight against anyone democratic or liberal.

    1. Jeez, man.. ease up on yourself. Liberals are human beings too… or doesn’t YOUR form of being a Christian recognize that? I certainly don’t go around proclaiming my devotion to Christian values on one end, then admonish and agitate and outright hate, those with a different political view on the other end.
      Unless, of course, all this is just your cyber “schtick”; your selected online persona that gives you diversion and satisfaction. Wouldn’t be the first time, nor the last.

    2. The “hate” accusation comes very easily to you, doesn’t it? Well, I do hate what liberals have done, and are doing, to my country, and I oppose it vigorously. I reject their Deluxe Fun Pack of open borders, thought crimes, abortion, transgenderism, redefining basic human institutions, atheism, using “education” for indoctrination, turning language into babble, and perpetually expanding the intrusiveness and cost of government. Other than that, they’re fine.

    3. Reading this blog seems to make you unhappy.
      FYI, the United States is not and was never intended to be a democracy. It is by law a republic. Until they finish wrecking it.

    4. You don’t follow my blog because my opinion represents the epitome of everything you dislike about liberals, democrats, whatever. To you my blog likely represents opinion that will only contribute to the fall of mankind… and that’s ok by me. I’m not into the “reciprocal follow” thing; people like what the like and dislike what they dislike.
      I follow your blog to glean other opinion because that’s just how I am. It’s more a wonderment at the mindset, especially this Chrisitanity-is-only-for-conservatives thing. Stick to your cats and Bible quotations and I could care less.. your thing. But sometimes replying to your political opinions, especially when you presume to think a religious overlap exists, that gets my attention.
      You always have the power to bounce me out.

    5. It is incomprehensible how out of tune Doug is. If God’s grace would allow him to be filled with the Holy Spirit his eyes could be enlightened. How do you tell a blind man he is blind when he insists he sees?

    6. Wrong as usual, Doug. Everyone lives by some kind of faith. What is needed is “saving faith” which is by grace through faith, and not as a result of works, that no one should boast. A person with saving faith witnesses to the Lordship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and strives to conform his every thought to the obedience of Christ and His written Word, the Holy Bible.

    7. I surrender to your spiritual interpretation as I am not qualified to critique another’s religious faith… just their politics… which is just as futile since no one ever changes their opinion anyway, but once in a while the dance can be revealing.

  2. Forgive me. I haven’t read all the comments or the article you reference yet – but I will shortly. Just thought I’d put ,my 2 cents in. The FBI has always been a criminal enterprise, along with all our alphabet soup ‘intelligence’ agencies. In my humble opinion, to call them intelligence agencies is a misnomer.

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