A Brand-New Microaggression

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This would be comic relief if it weren’t also a tragic waste of money and a crime against sanity.

At Simmons College, Boston, a women’s college, students have been warned that saying “God bless you” when someone sneezes is–you guessed it–a microaggression. Bad, bad, bad! What you haven’t guessed, probably because you’re not a lunatic, is that this particular microaggression is classified as “anti-Islamomisia.” Ooh! It is, the college declares, “an assumption of one’s own religion as the norm.”

It goes along with other newly-invented thought crimes: anti-transmisia, anti-ableism, anti-sanism, anti-queermisia, etc. Do you know what any of those words mean? I don’t. Do you care? I don’t!

Once upon a time, at the Tower of Babel, God confounded the language of mankind.

Now we’re doing it ourselves.

Folks, what you’re paying for here is not education in any meaningful sense. It is the purposeful cultivation of rank idiocy.

Parents who love and respect their sons and daughters, and have any self-respect for their own hard work that earns the tuition money, don’t send them to these colleges.

3 comments on “A Brand-New Microaggression

  1. These people need to get a life. They worry about micro-aggressions only because they are out of touch with the real world where there are aggressions worth taking note of and real problems to be addressed.

  2. These idiots – yes, I know, that’s a microaggression – are so busy running around looking for the slightest thing to pin that label on, they have themselves become the microaggression! (my spell check doesn’t like that word – it keeps red-lining it lol)

  3. I guess we shouldn’t say “gesundheit” either when someone sneezes, because that would be ableism against those who aren’t healthy — or maybe iatrophobia, because it taunts the medical profession about its inability to prevent or cure sneezing.

    Actually, it’s all just another part of the gimmickry of grievances.

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