A Bit of Wholesomeness

Cats and babies–yeah, that’s more like it. Although my mother, if she could’ve seen the baby munching on the pacifier, then letting the cat have a turn to savor it, and then putting it back into his own mouth–oh, you would’ve heard her let out a scream! Lighten up, Ma: it’s a medical fact that babies who grow up with dogs and cats develop stronger immune systems than those who don’t. (She replies: “They have to!”)

4 comments on “A Bit of Wholesomeness

  1. Very cute. I’m with your mother on this one, though. sharing a pacifier?
    Not on my watch. I love cats, but…

  2. Precious! Even the ones sharing pacifiers 🙂 Babies aren’t as fragile as we sometimes tend to treat them. Just think – we put babies on the floor to learn to roll and crawl before they walk. Well . . . that’s where we walk, and not everyone removes their shoes (although we do in our house). And we’ve all watched in frozen shock as our children dropped something on the ground and promptly picked it up and ate it. A shared pacifier doesn’t seem so bad lol

  3. That one baby crying seems to be the exception. I grew up without dogs, cats, or rabbits, just birds and miniature turtles. I did enjoy my friends dogs and cats. Once married I acquired all kinds of pets. Now I am down to an 11 year old house rabbit. Pets require responsibility.

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