They Play Like Cats & Dogs

They look like they’re trying to murder each other, but nobody ever gets hurt: how do they do that? I mean, really, puppies and kittens do love a rasslin’ match.

My favorite here is the adult cat getting swarmed over by a whole litter of puppies. She doesn’t seem to mind! And neither would I.

4 comments on “They Play Like Cats & Dogs

  1. They seem to know how to play hard and never hurt one another. That cat was more than patient, she was actively participating in the game with those pups. Truly a wonder of creation.

  2. These are particularly cute, and the one cat with 5 or 6 puppies climbing all over her was surprising – at least her patience was 🙂 And the Chihuahua and the hairless cat were a bit tricky to tell apart – almost like twins lol

  3. I didn’t know there were hairless kittens. My brother is one year younger than me and we used to wrestle all the time when little. I always won until we got older – he became the better athlete.

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