‘Scholastic Seduction: the Spirit Animals Series’ (Chalcedon Magazine, 2015)

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You can always trust Scholastic Books to tempt young readers away from God. Just show a lot of kids in a fantasy world who have super-powers and fantastic martial arts skills, and are at the same time really “spiritual,” and you’re good to go.

I reviewed a couple of these “Spirit Animals” books in 2015. It would be a very good idea to find something else for your children and grandchildren to read.


This is culture rot, perpetrated by the publishers of Scholastic Books. And it’s not nice.

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    1. I’m quite certain that’s true. A fellow I knew years ago (his sister was a friend of mine) took as two of his college courses Gambling Statistics and Astrology. I’m not sure whether the two had any relationship to one another. :\

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