One More Time: A Humorous Interlude

If you’re new here, and a lot of you are, you probably missed this video the first two times I posted it. I’m posting it again because it’s just soooo funny! And maybe one of the things that makes me laugh so hard is the thought of what would have happened, had my brother and I tried this at home.

4 comments on “One More Time: A Humorous Interlude

    1. I can’t imagine what my mother would’ve done to us… Some things are just too frightful to admit conjecture.

  1. I do remember this from both other times and it’s just as funny now. As UnKnowable points out, the parents mustn’t be too thrilled 🙂

  2. I’m hoping the smaller boy wasn’t injured by the bookcase falling on him. I quit watching “America’s Funniest Videos” because so many of them were based on getting hit in the you know where.

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