‘A Human Sacrifice to… “Slender Man”?’ (2014)

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What is it about false gods, that they always demand human sacrifice? And what is it about their worshipers, that someone’s always willing to perform it–at someone else’s expense, of course?


Here, the false god is a cartoon character, “Slender Man”–sort of a monster made up for the Internet.

Obviously our schools and our culture are doing a fantastic job of protecting children from Jesus Christ.

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  1. Do you ever wonder what we might find if we were given a glimpse into the brains of some of these ‘talented’ folks who come up with this stuff?

    And, just a quick ‘rest of the story’. Remember last week that white professor from Rutgers who went on a rant about ridding the world of whites? As Paul Harvey famously said – here’s the rest of the story:


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