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They just can’t handle it

I do love the way President Trump pulls the leftids’ chains.

As they gear up for the Great Blue Wave that will sweep them back to power in November, when American voters realize they’re really cool with Open Borders and all the rest of it, they freaked out the other day when the president said meaningful action in Congress will have to wait until a Red Wave blows out the remaining Democrats (https://twitchy.com/samj-3930/2018/06/22/reeeeeeeee-trump-calls-for-a-red-wave-in-november-and-the-resistance-totally-loses-their-sht/?utm_campaign=twitchywidget).

He’s right, though. Nothing good can happen to America until the Democrat Party is put out of business forever. They stop good things from happening. And they think the people are going to turn around and vote for them to turn the whole country into San Francisco.

I’m beginning, though, to understand those who say, of liberals, “Just let ’em talk. They’re their own worst enemy.”

And Mr. Trump sure knows how to keep ’em talking.

15 comments on “A Bit of Politics

  1. There is a very noisy, but relatively small group of people trying to speak for all of America. I think that they are wearing out their welcome.

  2. Ha, Trump has a habit of taking their terminology and using it against them. He did the same thing with “fake news”, which was originally coined by the left.

  3. you know what they say: Give them enough rope… I think he is pretty good at this- part of the “art of the deal”

    1. The corruption runs very deep indeed. Jack Abramoff had a lot to say about his dealings with McCain. But the lobbyist went to jail and the senator didn’t.

  4. Trump’s wife is getting pretty good at pulling the MSM’s chains as well. There around 40 GOP representatives retiring so there is a chance to not only unseat Democrats, but also to get Trump Train riders to replace Rinos.

    1. That was absolutely great! Their arguments have no substance. At one level or another, they are condoning something that they would not want to have happen to themselves.

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