Mr. Nature: The Last Thylacine

These video clips, taken at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, preserve the memory of an animal that is now supposedly extinct–the thylacine, aka “Tasmanian tiger,” once upon a time the largest living marsupial carnivore. The last one died at the zoo in 1936.

Mr. Nature here, with an animal that I wish was still alive. And it may be. Over the years, hundreds, if not thousands, of people have claimed to have sighted living thylacines on the Australian mainland. Some of them back up their claims with videos, a few of which look quite convincing. So it’s possible there may be a few of them left, roaming the outback. The long, stiff tails, and the stripes along the back, are distinctive: no other animal has them.

Jack and Ellayne encountered a much larger version of a thylacine in Lintum Forest, carrying off, in its massive jaws, the front half of a knuckle-bear.

I don’t think God likes it when we kill off members of His creation.

But I also believe He’ll bring them back, someday, somewhere–if He hasn’t done it already, someplace where they’re safe from us.

6 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Last Thylacine

  1. What an amazing creature? Did you see that jaw? It looks like it could bite a knuckle-bear in half with little effort.

    I can’t believe our Creator will forget any of His creation at the Restitution.

  2. I couldn’t help thinking how skinny they looked – like they never had enough food. Also, with the exception of the stripes and stiff tails, they look rather like a cross between a mountain lion and a dog.

  3. I can see how the Tasmanian Tiger inspired a character in your book. Maybe some day scientists will be able to bring extinct animals back to life (I mean responsible scientists). I watched “Jurassic World” again yesterday in preparation of seeing “Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom” this coming week at the movie theater in 3-D.

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