Transgender Breakfast Cereal?

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I’ve never eaten Lucky Charms cereal. Too many different dyes in it. But now I have another reason. BTW, I do have cereal for breakfast several times a week. I’m a Kix man.

Well, now Lucky Charms has a new “Magical Unicorn” figure played by a child actor of indeterminate sex ( I would let this pass, only in 2013 Lucky Charms–it’s a General Mills cereal–came out strong to “celebrate LBGT pride.” So we think we know where they hang their hat.

This is a product pitched to children. They’re also pitching sexual confusion. Sort of like the public schools and most of our professional sports teams do, nowadays.

The assorted dyes is not the only thing you shouldn’t allow your kids to be consuming.

What can be said for an age in which even children’s breakfast cereal carries a sexual message?

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin…


9 comments on “Transgender Breakfast Cereal?

  1. We are truly headed for some dark days if we continue on this path. The Left normalizing homosexuality was just the first step. The goal is to destroy ALL social norms. They want a free for all anything goes society. No society has been able to survive that for very long.

    1. I can see many parallels between us and ancient Rome in it’s latter days.

  2. Man this gender bending thing is into bending everything that is good and perverting it…nothing is too scared to inject their corruption into…sigh.

  3. Yes, the Lord our righteous Judge will let sinful man only become so degenerate before He brings down the ax – and he has a variety of these instruments in his tool chest. This morning I had a bowl of Raisin Bran mixed with Corn Flakes – and I always add raw sunflower kernels to add a crunch.

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