Kittens: They Do It with Mirrors

I never get tired of watching kittens getting goofy over mirrors. I had an anole once who’d go positively postal if he saw his reflection in a mirror; and I once saw a hamster get very grumpy about it. But kittens seem to be having fun.

It is said that clams are among the very few animals to recognize themselves in a mirror; but they don’t do anything about it.

One comment on “Kittens: They Do It with Mirrors”

  1. That gray kitten, near the end of the video, seems to have intimidated itself by acting so scary. I always have to laugh at how kittens can act so scary when they are, to coin a phrase, as harmless as a kitten.

    My little cat never went through that stage. She noticed herself in the mirror when I first got her and seemed to figure it out almost immediately.

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