A Nooze-Free Sunday

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God has set aside one day in seven as a day of rest. For some of us, that’s Sunday; for others, Saturday.

By now I’m frazzled by a week’s worth of really bad news. By Friday opening the Drudge Report is like opening a dumpster left out on the sun too long.

So let’s do no nooze today. Rest, and let the seed planted by God germinate and grow, we know not how. Let’s have a bit of Memory Lane, Oy, Rodney, cat video, and another hymn if anyone requests one.

God uses things that don’t exist to bring to nothing things that do (I Corinthians 1:28). So let’s step out of the way and let Him do it. He commanded a day of rest for a reason.

Tomorrow we can crank it up again.

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  1. If I saw that critter, and more to the point, if it saw me, there’d be a news story, when I became the first human in history to break the sound barrier on foot. 🙂

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