The Politics of Moral Chaos

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[Editor’s Note: We don’t know who wrote this. Someone found it tucked inside a copy of The New York Times.]

Dear Comrade: I do love the way our plan for moral chaos is working out! Removing God from the equation, then removing truth–brilliant!

Once we’ve got them all shooting each other, betraying each other, every word a lie, court system completely overburdened, delivery systems breaking down because nobody knows how to do a job anymore, or wants to, every single one of them practically suicidal because they can’t get their own way every time–well, like the Boss explained to us, that’s when we make our move.

That’s when the government will have to get really, really authoritarian, just to keep the whole damned place from melting down. They’ll be begging for a “strong” government to keep order!

And then it’s payday, man! A hyper-authoritarian government, totally empowered to do anything it wants–and us in charge of it! Wow! We can lock people up! We can do anything we want, to anybody. Like, if they say the wrong thing, or read the wrong books, or even for no reason at all, just because we feel like tossing someone into prison!

Dig the humor, bro: every little tiny group of idiots, all thinking themselves The Smartest People in the World, all as sure as they can be that they’re gonna be the ones running the show–can you wait to see the look on their face, when we lock them up, too?

It’s just so great to be a devil!

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