Eccentric Pets & Other Critters

Actually, the most eccentric characters in this video are the humans who let a bear into their house. It seems very unwise.

But there’s also the dog who feeds bunnies (and a piglet, and a duck) instead of eating them, and a grey goose who feeds his friends–a whole bunch of fish. These are glimpses into the renewal of Creation: when God says, “Behold, I make all things new.”

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  1. Hello mr.Duigon, my name is Liberty (12yrs old).
    I’ve read your series since I was 7 yrs old, and my little sister grew up with them, so the characters are technically real to us.
    I’m really glad that at last there’s a fiction series that Christian reconstructionist and Epic at the same time. (best thing since the Chronicals of Narnia) I read your blog about the cast of characters. I’ve been also cooking up a bell mountain movie, & it may be to late to join, but here’s the cast I’ve written with my little sister, (the actors are probably old by now, so I wrote the movies in which I saw them):
    Robin Williams (Jumanji) Martis

    Adam Driver (the last Jedi) Gallgoid

    Arianna Richards (Jurassic Park) Ellayne

    Skander Keynes (the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)) Jack

    Will Smith (Concussion) Hlah

    Jane Seymour (Dr. Quinn, medicine woman) Baroness Vanett

    Keisha Castle-Hughes (the Nativity Story) Gurun

    Jaden Smith or Hal Scardino (I still can’t chose) (from Karate Kid)(the Indian in the Cupboard) Ryons / Fnaa

    Ioan Gruffudd (Amazing Grace) Prester Jod

    Albert Finney (Amazing Grace) Lord Reesh

    Forest Whitaker (from other Blog) Uduque

    Kesley Lewis (Samantha: American Girl holiday) Enith

    Russel Crow (Master anad Commander) Roshay Bault

    Catherine Zeta-Jones (the Terminal) Nywed/Grammum

    Ciaran Hinds (the Nativity Story) Chutt

    Patrick Kilpatrick (Free Willy 3) General Hennen

    Shaun Toub (the Nativity Story) Chief Spider

    Mark Hammil (the Last Jedi) Prester Orth

    Alec Guinness (Star Wars) Obst

    Stanley Tucci (Kit: American Girl Mystery) Thunder King

    Jackie Chan (the Karate Kid) Sugetai

    Noriyuki Morita (the Next Karate Kid) Chagadai

    Joe Lando (Dr quinn, medicine woman) Shauffer

    Gail Strickland (Dr quinn, medicine woman) Elbeth (agent)

    William Shockley (Dr quinn, medicine woman) Ysbott

    Larry Sellers (Dr quinn, medicine woman) Chief Illfil

    1. Welcome aboard, Liberty! Hey, some of those picks are really cool–especially Alec Guinness for Obst and Russell Crowe for Roshay Bault.

      I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my books so much–it has made my night. Thank you!

    2. Thank you mr Duigon! I’ve written some questions about the Books, could you please tell me where would be the best place to send them?

    3. I have read your Novels “the Bell Mountain Series” since I was 7 years old & told them to my little sister when she didn’t read; & I had accepted them as a piece of a marvelous handiwork, & after reading your article in “The Faith for All of Life” -“Christian Reconstruction…and Fantasy?” I began to look for Symbolism (which you have hidden well!) in the Bell Mountain Series.
      I found some in the 1st book, & a lot more in “The Fugitive Prince” (my favorite book!) but found none in the last one I read “The Throne” & there are some themes I really don’t understand what they have to do about Christ’s kingdom.
      So I would really appreciate it, if You could Please Answer these uncertainties…
      In the 1st book in Chapter 3, page 17 Ashrof says to Jack
      “…[T]here are truths that can’t be told by plain speaking. They can only be told in a roundabout way, these are called symbols. Ozias’ bell is a symbol-a way of talking about something else in a way that people can remember it. The truth of the story is that God will hear the people when they cry out to Him”.
      You gave away the meaning of a “Bell” right there.
      In this “world” , it’s backward, the symbol is the Bell & the crying out is reality.
      But what I don’t understand is how can “Crying out” be in the mission of Just 2 kids which changed the History of that world.
      I don’t get it.

    4. First you have to remember that Ashrof was wrong. The bell really is a bell, God really heard it when it rang, and He caused all the world to hear it.

      As I see it (I’m only writing the history of that time as best I can), the bell is God making Himself heard to a world that hasn’t really heard Him for a long time. He called Jack and Ellayne to ring the bell because it seemed good to Him to display His power in that way, but empowering two children to do what no one else had ever even tried to do.

      All it took to get the whole thing started, all He asked, was the obedience and courage of two small children.

      Sort of like saving the whole world not with invincible armies, but with a helpless baby in a manger.

  2. The goose feeding the fish is for the record books. All any of us have ever known is the fallen world around us. Now, we see so much more and this world has not been restored yet. Imagine what it will be like when geese feeding fish is a common occurrence, and I’m betting it will come to pass, hopefully soon.

    Every animal, not to mention the lovely children frequently seen in these videos, is a manifestation of our Creator’s love and wisdom. Even the sea creature had a face and an expresssion. This was placed there by God Himself. The very best are the children. What amazing creatures they are and so naturally kind to animals.

    For the record, I also suggest not allowing bears in the house. It looks like that little black bear was pretty docile, but if even a docile wild animal becomes frightened it can become very dangerous, instantly.

    When the Restitution is complete, then I’ll get my fill of bears as houseguests, crocodile wrestling and maybe even fully tame a Siamese cat; while my waterfowl make sure that my Koi have plenty to eat. 🙂 Till then, wild animals have my respect, at a distance.

    (As an aside, about two weeks ago, I had a close encounter of the Coyote kind while on my bike ride. I saw a coyote in the road ahead and it didn’t flee. I cut him a wide berth and went on my way, but I’d venture that I was, perhaps, 10’ away from him at one point. I think he was guarding some road-kill and wasn’t willing to share. Coyotes are like that. 🙂

    1. Yes, all these creatures show the amazing handiwork of God! I was very surprised at the goose feeding the fish (Maybe it was a pet, but I don’t know). Also, the basking shark was so cool… I can’t swim, but it would be terrific to be able to see one in real life. The rest of the animals really took my fancy… but the skinny dog, forgive me, kind of reminded me of Gollum… unfortunately.😐 I wouldn’t mind having a pet bear, well, OK… only baby cubs; they’re cuter anyway.

      The encounter with the coyote must have been very exciting! We don’t have any here in Japan, but there are coyotes in Oregon, where I visit about once every two years. I’ve never seen any in the wild, but I’ve seen a few at Wildlife Images in OR, where I was able to pet a wolf. 🐺

    2. Coyotes are dogs, at least physically, but they are very wild behaviorally. I’ve heard of people that had half-Coyote puppies and even being raised around people, they were unpredictable and wild.

      Wolves are bigger and very powerful, but they tend to be more predictable. I’ve known people with German Shepards which were 1/2 wolf, and they were surprisingly well behaved house pets, but exceptionally good guard dogs.

      The coyote I saw was exceptionally beautiful, with complex coloring and markings, but he was as wild as any animal I’ve ever seen. There was something in his eyes that made me take notice and I would not have wanted to get any closer that I did. Where that’s concerned, I didn’t want to get as close as I was, but had little choice in the matter.

      I once knew a fellow that had a petting zoo, and there was a very tame bear which was essentially a pet. That was a long time ago, but it was quite an experience.

  3. Hello Liberty!
    I’m Joshua, 17 years old, who joined the team about three months ago.
    What surprised me was your amazing cast! I thought you and your sister did a good job!
    After the ‘Cast the Bell Mountain Movie’ contest ended, I thought about how to make my cast a little better, and at that time I thought Adam Driver would be a good candidate for Gallgoid, too! I am happy that you chose him! May the “force” be with you! 🙂

    1. thank you sir, i thought Adam Driver would be a good character because he’s perfect for an evil Criminal (Gallgoid) but whom you could easily think of – and hope- as redempted (Gallgoid again).
      I had a hard time choosing Gurun, there were lot’s of options, but I chose Mary from “the Nativity Story” because she looked only half grown up. My little sister (10 yrs old) helped a lot too.
      As we searched different films, my Sister would scream and say “Sis! doesn’t he look EXACTLY like Lord Chutt!?!?”

    2. One thing that amazes me is the way the artist who creates my covers, Kirk DouPonce, sometimes paints a character **exactly** as I imagined her! Ellayne on “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” and Gurun on “The Glass Bridge” are just exactly how I see them when I write about them.

      But of course each reader’s own imagination must rule.

    3. Welcome, Liberty. It’s great to see some younger folks here at Lee’s blog. My best to you and your family.

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