You Don’t Need College After All?

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Hey! Y’know that one or two hundred thousand dollars you spent for that bachelor’s degree in Gender Superhero Studies? You could have saved your money.

A lot of big, high-end corporations have decided to start hiring people who don’t have college degrees–including IBM, Nordstrom, Apple, Google, Bank of America, and the mega accounting firm of Ernst & Young ( All they want is an employee whose head is on straight, who’ll work hard, and can learn.

Which doesn’t describe a lot of college students.

So what happened to “You’ve just absolutely got to go to college or you’ll never get a decent job and get ahead”?

Yeah, well, that just kept getting more and more untrue as college got to be more and more a waste of time and money. America’s colleges and looniversities benefited big-time from one of the greatest sales pitches in human history.

We have way too many colleges, way too many people in those colleges, and spend way, way, way too much money on a load of bunk that passes for an education. Not to mention the colleges’ new role as a breeding ground for neo-Stalinism.

No more public funds for universities! Let them sink or swim in the free market, like everybody else. If any of them are worthwhile, they’ll survive and prosper. The others will go extinct–and they’ll deserve it.


4 comments on “You Don’t Need College After All?

  1. A new paradigm is definitely needed (like competition and a level playing field). More internships. More incentives for kids with their heads on straight to get a college degree while still in high school. Less regulations for entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas. The abolition of the Dept. of Education on federal and state levels. An abundance of on-the=job training opportunities.

  2. Five years ago, I looked into government jobs doing what I do best. To go in at my level required a Master’s and a timeline of when one would be getting a Doctorate. If the applicant had a Doctorate, they wanted a written explanation of what you had been doing so as not to stagnate academically. What were they hiring, network engineers or college professors?

    Nowadays the same job requires significant experience and they don’t have educational requirements unless you have no experience. For higher grade positions they have no interest in education whatsoever, but require verifiable experience in the field. The last time I hired I chose experience over education.

    Colleges have succeeded in marginalizing themselves right out of contention.

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