The Doll That Scared a Boy Silly

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It is not the usual thing for boys to be afraid of dolls. Nevertheless, I knew a boy, who grew up to be a star athlete and a model citizen, who had a dreadful experience with a certain doll. I must not reveal his name, lest he be embarrassed by this anecdote. For the sake of convenience, I’ll call him Ariobarzanes.

As he was a new boy in the neighborhood, my friends and I decided to introduce him to our local wilderness, preparing him with lurid tales of Hangman’s Tree, which stood at the very heart of it. To this day, we whispered to him, as we followed the trail beside the creek, some evil force continued to string up people from that tree. But it ought to be safe to go there in the daytime. Probably.

Meanwhile, my friend Ellen, a very good tree climber, went on ahead to set the stage.

We had poor Ario pretty well pumped up by the time we entered the clearing where the tree glowered down on all of Middlesex County. And there Bobby and I stopped short, pointing and crying out, “Oh, no, not again! Oh, no!”

A hapless little doll hung from the lowest branch, swaying dismally in the wind.

With a great cry, Ariobarzanes turned and ran all the way back home without stopping even once, showing great promise of the track star he would one day be. He didn’t even need to use the path: he made one of his own.

I admit that this was a naughty prank, but Ario soon laughed it off and he and I became great friends. Best freakin’ shortstop we ever had, too.

But now you see, I’m sure, that under the right circumstances, a boy can be scared by a doll.

13 comments on “The Doll That Scared a Boy Silly

    1. Oh my goodness, why do they make scary dolls.
      I mean the last time I checked they’re made for children or do they make dolls for Horror movies now, like this doll was specifically made for a movie?

    2. Oh, I could have used a picture of an ordinary-looking doll, but that wouldn’t have been right for the post, so I looked for scary dolls–and the one I chose was the least awful.

      Of course little children should have cozy, lovable dolls.

    3. Wasn’t there an awful Chucky doll awhile back with stitches all over his face? Talk about scary!

    4. Thanks, my friend. It’s great to be back. I’ve missed everyone. Hopefully, God willing, strength will build.

  1. If I find one of these in my bed when I go to bed tonight, I’d probably freak out, like “EEEEEK!!!!!” 😱

    1. In all likelihood, you’ve already had a couple of them in your bed. The biggest ones are less than a quarter of an inch long, and most are only half that size.
      Totally harmless and beneficial–be glad they’re around.

    2. I was actually referring to the dolls. But I am happy to know about the pseudo-scorpion, and I’m glad they play a good role in helping us. The evidence of a mighty Creator.

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