The Exhausted Majority

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Almost everybody in America, regardless of race or sex, age  or national origin, whatever, hates Political Correctness and thinks it’s a problem for America. Only the skimpy 8% who identify themselves as “progressives” like it. This is according to a recent survey by “More in Common” (

The 92% of us who are not Far Left Crazy constitute, in the words of the survey, “an exhausted majority.” That’s a pretty good label: we are exhausted. We can hardly bear to hear another word from the perpetually yammering “progressives: in the words of the survey, “a tiny minority of far-left Americans.” As citizens of the world, they probably find that word “Americans” insulting. Time for a tantrum.

So the question is, and the survey didn’t ask it, if only 8% of the people like Political Correctness, why are the rest of us served great fat heaping bowlfuls of it, day after day? At our schools and colleges and looniversities, TV and movie studios, why the devil is PC the only damned thing on the menu?

That’s a question that needs answering, folks.

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  1. “That’s a question that needs answering, folks.”

    That’s a great observation, Lee. My personal opinion is that this is literally Satanic in origin. Keep in mind, he started by “social engineering” Eve. Social engineering is a term used in the security business but it basically means dressing up some lies and leading someone to a false sense of urgency. etc.

    Nothing has changed since then.

    1. tThanks for that.
      So they have a faint suspicion that they just might possibly somehow have alienated maybe a few of their fans… Need to go a bit farther along the truth highway than that, Chuckles.

    1. That’d be fine too. If ESPN and Disney put themselves out of business I’ll shed no tears.

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