‘Why the Good Guys Always Lose’ (2013)

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Five years later, and Christian parents still send millions of Christian children every day to anti-Christian public schools. Here is a typical lame attempt to justify this folly.


Honestly, this whole business of asking 9- and 10-year-olds to be “salt and light” in the Mordor of the public schools, and maybe just maybe convert the frothing-at-the-mouth leftids in the teachers’ unions–well, really, how silly can you get?

Most of what’s wrong with our country is public education’s fault.

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  1. I certainly agree. Sending children into such brainwashing and then trying to undo the harm when they get home makes about as much sense as sending them into Crocodile infested waters and dealing with the results using Band-Aids.

  2. “Christians” send their children to public schools because they are either too cheap to pay for a Christian school, or are not willing to sacrifice their own time to teach their children themselves. Keeping up with the Jones’ and living the American Dream have become their idols. Most assured these kind of people go to churches that make them feel self-assured in their sin not to raise up their children with a Christian education.

    1. For the most part America’s churches sat there and counted the change in the collection plates while really bad and seriously disturbed people trashed the culture. Some churches did try as hard as they could to exercise their prophetic function, but there weren’t enough of these to make a difference.

    2. Unfortunately, many people want to place their trust in something of human origin and not take the necessary responsibility. Salvation comes through Christ and we do not gain a stamp of approval from some church, nor should we allow the decisions made by the leadership of a church to influence us with regard to our practice of the moral laws of the Bible.

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