Look Before You… er, Sit

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[Note to self: This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! This is for tomorrow! And for the reader, “tomorrow” is “today.”]

A hapless Delta Airlines passenger gave a new dimension to “Look before you leap,” when he sat down in his seat on the airliner. He should have looked before he sat–because his seat was piled up with human feces (https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/2018/11/06/bay-city-man-sits-feces-delta-flight-michigan/1900563002/).

Guess he didn’t remember we’re all living in a new age, characterized by heaps of ca-ca all over the place: i.e., San Francisco sidewalks. And elsewhere. Lots of elsewhere. Poor trusting soul–he just assumed his airliner seat would be feces-free.

Culture rot is real, folks.

Culture rot is real.

10 comments on “Look Before You… er, Sit

  1. Oh, my word! Unbelievable. I am certainly glad I never fly, and do not even go out if public much. However, when I go to the larger town for shopping, I will be carefully watching my step. yukkkk

  2. I see where Bill Gates has set his sights on providing Africa with toilets. It seems the feces problem of Third World countries has found a home in America – land of the illegal immigrants (some estimate it is over 30 million).

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