‘Protesters’ Threaten Tucker Carlson’s Family

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“Hey, Tucker! Shut up or we’ll hurt your family!”

Okay, America. You let Democrats get some of their power back this week. Now take a closer look at what you voted for.

On Wednesday night some twenty “protesters” assembled at the home of Fox News conservative commentator Tucker Carlson to spray-paint anarchist symbols on his driveway, make a lot of noise, and scare his family (https://www.apnews.com/5aa41068747f4e41b39947f761462f96). “They were threatening my family to get me to stop talking,” Carlson said.

Washington, D.C., police are investigating the incident as “a possible hate crime.” Gee, ya think?

So far none of the left-wing noozies has applauded the incident and several have expressed disapproval of it. None of these same people seemed to mind when Democrat mobs assaulted Republican politicians and members of the Trump administration, screaming in their faces and chasing them out of restaurants.

Voters, you wanted the Mob Rule Party, and now you’ve got it. Bon appetite.


13 comments on “‘Protesters’ Threaten Tucker Carlson’s Family

  1. Hate crime, shmate crime. These people caused a public disturbance, damaged private property, and threatened the safety of private citizens. Whether they did it out of hate or out of indifference or out of drunken merriment is irrelevant. They committed crimes and should be punished accordingly.

    This is one of the things I’ve always hated (if you’ll pardon the expression) about the whole concept of “hate crimes”: it prevents dealing with crimes as crimes.

    1. Absolutely–a crime is a crime. How is a murder committed out of “hate” worse than an ordinary murder? Maybe libs think some murders are committed out of love.

  2. I really dislike the idea of “hate” crimes. It requires an extra burden of proof because no one knows a person’s heart. Plus, there are already laws on the books that covered “hate” crimes.

    I hope they prosecute these people to the fullest extent of the law, otherwise they will keep upping the ante. And if the law refuses to do their job, then other people will step in blood will be shed.

    1. Correction: “And if the law refuses to do their job, then other people will step in and blood will be shed.”

  3. Now the Mob Party is trying to steal election results in Florida and Arizona. Give these crazies an inch and they take a marathon. A bright spot is Ruth Bader Ginsburg falling in her Supreme Court office and damaging her ribs. At 85 years of age it seem plausible she will retire in January 2019 – what a happy day that will be for the righteous!

  4. I agree that the hate crime designation is a problem. Just prosecute actions, trying to prosecute motives is a waste.

    1. Liberals dream of one day controlling other people’s very thoughts and feelings. “Hate” law is a step in that direction. It’s very unwholesome.

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