‘Humanizing Christianity’

Secularists love to pat themselves on the back for “humanizing Christianity.” Excuse me for a moment: this deserves an appropriate response.

What do they mean, they “humanize Christianity”? I think it means they invent a new-improved model–with Christ taken out of it and replaced by man-made idols, the State and Science, and humanist pseudo-sacraments: abortion, combating “Man-Made Climate Change,” same-sex “marriage,” sex change operations, hate speech trials, and every conceivable variety of fornication. They take away the judgment, take away accountability to God, and set up their political masters and scientific oracles as gods.

How does a secularist even know what’s right or wrong? Mostly they’re content to keep some of the moral law handed down to the human race by God, to the Jews first, and then the Gentiles. But no secularist can actually explain why it’s wrong to commit a murder. We can, but they can’t. For convenience’s sake they retain much of the law and tradition amassed over the centuries by Jews and Christians, who received it from a righteous and infallible God who is a person, who made them in His image, and who loves them.

Yeah, they made Christianity nicer. That’s why more people were murdered by their own governments in the 20th century alone–Red China, the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and a host of others–secularist governments all–than were killed off by all the religions of the world put together in all the other centuries put together. This century is only 18 years old: give it time to come up with new and exciting deviltries all its own.

It is true that God endows all people, even atheists, with common grace, which is an inborn attraction to what is right and good. And so it was always possible for people who had never heard of God’s laws to keep those laws regardless. Common grace is the law written on our hearts. Humanity wouldn’t have survived for two hours without it.

The words of Jesus Christ and His apostles don’t need “humanizing,” and never did.

God defend us from being conformed to this fallen world.

5 comments on “‘Humanizing Christianity’

  1. The problem is simply trying to impose human reasoning on God’s reasoning. People can rationalize just about anything if they feel motivated to do so, but they are simply recycling the same old sinful tendencies that fallen mankind has had for millennia. There is nothing new, it’s all been tried before in one form or another.

    Substance abuse, sexual immorality, dishonesty and toleration of overt badness; these things have happened over and over throughout man’s history. The law God gave to Moses and the teachings of Christ are the source of wisdom with regard to morality and decency. These have built the most successful civilizations in history, and sadly, many have abandoned these teaching in the name of enlightenment; but the only enlightenment is from God, not any attempt by a human to improve upon the word of God.

    1. These are moral truths, moral facts–the kind that Common Core was teaching aren’t facts at all, the only truth is Science, blah-blah-blah.
      My comment box is too small for a proper raspberry.

    2. That’s the thing, there are moral facts which exist whether people find them convenient or not. Live immorally and there will be a far greater likelihood of trouble in your life. It’s not that hard to comprehend. If someone makes poor choices regarding their choice of foods, their health will suffer. If someone abuse alcohol, they will suffer the consequences of their actions. If someone violates the moral facts which are in place in all of creation, they will suffer in the long run.

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