‘We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Laws’ (2014)

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You don’t need to break a law to be punished anymore. Yes, here’s another thing that’s gotten worse since I wrote about it four years ago.


The things you can be punished for nowadays are legion–punished by being fired from your job, kept from finding a job, publicly denounced, sentenced to “sensitivity training” or “rehabilitation”–the list goes on and on.

The easy answer is, this is our fault for allowing the Far Left Crazy to take over our colleges and universities, teachers’ unions, TV networks, movie studios, and nooze media–all institutions where a numerically tiny minority can wield influence out of all proportion to its numbers. They did it by working tirelessly at it while the rest of us carried on our normal lives.

If we want to keep our lives normal, we’ll have to work hard to take back those institutions.

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  1. Actually, we don’t have to do all that much but what we have to do is hard. FIRST, we must remove our children from ALL exposure to government education at ALL levels. Homeschooling will provide our children with weapons to overcome the leftist lies of academia. But to do that, we have to return to the understanding of “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” and get women to remain home to raise their children. The world can live WITHOUT women CEOs and Generals, but it cannot live without active mothers.

    Second, we must keep our children out of most universities when they reach that age. Yes, there are a number of decent educational facilities, but they are few and far between. The child who wishes to become a physician or an engineer can craft his or her education to fulfill that goal without becoming a victim of crazy academics. If that child runs into such an academic unless his or her class is considered necessary to obtain the desired degree, that child should simply do what is necessary to pass the course and pay no attention whatsoever to the insanity of the professor. A child will benefit from a couple of years in the workforce if for no other reason than that it teaches self-discipline and responsibility.

    Finally, our present academia is producing hot-house flowers that will be destroyed when they come into contact with reality. That is very sad for the child, but eventually, the whole thing will deteriorate into a condition that will make academia simply a useless anomaly in every day life. I, for one, cannot wait for that day.

    1. The whole student loan debacle was to give academia an access to the American taxpayer. How did THAT work out for “students” and their parents?

  2. There’s an aspect to this which is even more insidious. If someone consents to go to such training, they are now on record as hav8ng “needed” such training, so going along with this nonsense just sets you up for the next accusation.

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