Mr. Nature: The Ocean Sunfish

Hi, Mr. Nature here–with another peek into some of the surprises God built into our world when He was creating it.

The ocean sunfish gets its name from its habit of basking sideways on the surface of the water, many miles out to sea. Because it doesn’t often visit shallow water, few people will ever see one of these. And a few who do will freak out. The ocean sunfish is the world’s largest bony fish, and yet it looks like only half a fish. Its favorite food strikes us as pretty insubstantial: jellyfish.

This creature is slow, ponderous, unable to maneuver quickly, without any means of defense, yet living in a dangerous environment, full of predators–nevertheless, here it is. If we knew the sunfish better, we might discover that it is ideally designed for the kind of life it leads

6 comments on “Mr. Nature: The Ocean Sunfish

  1. Thanks, Mr. Nature. The sunfish is truly amazing. Why don’t our scientists use all that money spent on space exploration for exploring our own oceans? It seems its mineral wealth would be a lot easier to mine than some asteroid or far away planet. They might even have a religious experience contemplating the vastness of the ocean God has made.

    1. At the moment they don’t have to do half of the things they claim to as all the ever provide as evidence is limited to a bit of CGI. I can help but suspect that most of the NASA budget really goes on CIA black ops.

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