‘What Child Is This?’ (Shaw Chorale)

The fallen world’s in trouble, headed straight to Hell, needs saving–

So God sent His Son. Not as a conqueror, but as a baby for whom there was no room at the inn. As an adult, He was a penniless wanderer. He was put to death in a shameful manner usually reserved for the worst criminals, although He had committed no crime.

By this His Son God saved the world.

What Child Is This?, sung by the Robert Shaw Chorale.

6 comments on “‘What Child Is This?’ (Shaw Chorale)

  1. Lee, as I was listening to this amazing rendition of “What Child is This?” I had a overwhelming thought:

    “What if Jesus Christ had not come?”

    The thought of what the world would be like now, gave me the shudders. I don’t want to think about it.

    1. Please, Evelyn! A world without Christ doesn’t bear thinking of. We can get glimmers of what that would be like, when we look at some of the less than stellar efforts of our worldly ruling classes–and it ain’t pretty.

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