Incredibly Wise Sages: ‘Traditional Masculinity’ is Bad!

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As the birth rate plummets in one civilized country after another–could there possibly be something wrong with our civilization nowadays? ya think?–the American Psychiatric Assn. has blasted “traditional masculinity” (

I wonder where they found any.

According to the shrinks, traditional masculinity leads to–oh, the pain!–sexual harassment and… “homophobia.” Nooooo! Not homophobia!

But what is “traditional masculinity”? The APA listed the prominent features of traditional masculinity: “anti-femininity” (do you know what that is? I don’t), “achievement–”

Whoa! Whoa! Hold it right there! Achievement is bad? Really? There are psychiatrists telling people this? Like, no wonder you’re crazy, you keep trying to achieve something? Why aren’t you just lying on the couch playing video games?

They round out their description of “traditional masculinity” with “eschewal of the appearance of weakness, and adventure” (why is adventure bad?), “risk” (that’s bad, too), and “violence.” So all you cavemen out there who’ve been sayin’ violence is good, put a sock in it.

Why am I not surprised that birth rates are plummeting?

So far in history, no species has ever been talked into extinction.

We’ll probably be the first.


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9 responses to “Incredibly Wise Sages: ‘Traditional Masculinity’ is Bad!

  • marlene

    “The American Psychiatric Asylum” – where brains ‘traditionally’ shrink.


  • Erlene Talbott

    Normal is a hate-filled word these days. Responsibility– ugh! Tradition- oooh, how we hate it, right?


  • Erlene Talbott

    Once upon a time, women (those who wear dresses, remember?) were considered fulfilled by making a home, raising children, supporting their husbands by doing these things… now, this life is denigrated, hated, and ignorant. Women have been pushed into the work force by .. economic necessity, “fulfillment”, etc. WWII saw a vast turn around in the function of the “normal” home. Wars have many ways of killing in addition to bullets and bombs.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    It’s true men generally will commit suicide by using a gun, whereas women committing suicide prefer using an overdose of pills. So, we need more men committing suicide using pills – now wasn’t that problem easy to solve? 🙂


  • Unknowable

    Satan seems to be an enemy of having two distinct sexes.


    • leeduigon

      I don’t think most people understand that the Far Left Crazy and its sponsor, the Democrat Party, have drifted over the line into out-and-out evil and are very much the servants of Satan.


  • Erlene Talbott

    I agree. Satan is very busy these days. We have to grudgingly admit that he is creative, but only in the most evil ways.


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