Cats Don’t Like These Movies, Either

The only excuse I have for posting this again is that it cracks me up every time. The only cat I ever had who took any notice of television was Buster, who watched Nature because he wanted to try to catch the funny little elephants inside the funny box. He didn’t know what he was missing.

5 comments on “Cats Don’t Like These Movies, Either

  1. wow, this is the first chuckle I have had today. I have not been feeling well today, and not much to laugh about, but this is worth a laugh or giggle.

  2. As soon as I pick a DVD out of the rack, my cat assumes her place in front of the TV and watched intently. She seems to really love it, especially if there’s something with lots of dramatic changes on the screen. Just a “talking head” sort of thing doesn’t do much, but a slapstick comedy keeps her interest.

    They seem to understand that it’s not real.

    1. Well, I heard someone in the movie, just before the scream, say, “Mrs. Bates?” I think that’s one of Pelosi’s aliases.

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