A Fun Part of Blogging

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One of the things I enjoy about my blog is seeing what countries its readers come from. There’s a world map with that day’s readers’ countries colored in, and a column of flags where it says how many readers checked in from each country. Even better, WordPress keeps a running total going back to the beginning of my blogging history.

So far I’ve had readers from 189 different countries. I mean, it’s just so cool to see a flag pop up for Andorra or Paraguay or the Cook Islands–places my globe-trotting aunts never visited. It’s fun in the same way collecting stamps or foreign coins is fun.

I’ve got almost all of Europe by now, but I’m still waiting for views from Liechtenstein, San Marino, and the Shetland Islands. I think the coup that would tickle me the most would be to get a view from Easter Island: thinking of somebody sitting by one of those great stone heads with his laptop, reading Oy, Rodney. And how delighted I was by my first view from Mongolia!

I wonder if I’ll ever complete my collection. It seems unlikely, but heck–once you’ve gotten views from Laos, anything is possible.

11 comments on “A Fun Part of Blogging

  1. That is so cool. A friend of mine posted on FaceBook how his wife had just visited all 50 states (not all at once). How about the day your blog has visited all the countries of the earth.

  2. Wow, that is awesome. I do remember when, a few years back, I received a response from a reader in one of the southern nations in the middle east.
    Can’t even remember which one right now. See how I am?

  3. That has to be satisfying. There’s a lot of encouragement to be gained on this site. It’s good to know that this encouragement is widely shared.

  4. Well congratulations Lee!! 😁 That is really cool!! You must be very proud and should be. I hope you get all of the views from all of the places that you’re hoping for. You deserve it. You work very hard. Good luck and God bless! 🙏

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