Loony Lib Deletes Green New Deal from Her Website

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Well, that was fast!

Twenty-something Congresswoman, former bartender, and all-around yonk Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lit up the national chat room last Thursday, Feb. 7, by posting a “Green New Deal” that was certainly one of the most bizarre documents ever to seep out of American politics. After a day of incredulity, mockery, and concern for the bozo’s mental health, the post was deleted from the page on the night of Feb. 7 (https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/02/why_was_the_green_new_deal_yanked_from_ocasiocortezs_website.html).

Among the provisions that got the most flak was 1) to pay a guaranteed income to persons “unwilling to work,” 2) to abolish air travel and replace it with “high-speed rail” [to Europe?], and 3) to tear down every building in America and replace it with a new one.

Well, yeah, that’s pretty crazy stuff, all right. Rubber room material for sure. Cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

So they wiped it off the website and are trying to pretend it was never there, or maybe it was but Republican hackers planted it, or it was just a rough draft that wasn’t supposed to be published, blah-blah-blah. Ocrazyo-Cortez reminds us that “the real one”–apparently there’s a “real Green New Deal” somewhere that doesn’t include any howling at the moon–has “70 co-sponsors in the House of Representatives” and has been endorsed by every single one of  a dozen Democrat presidential candidates. I guess “the real one” only confiscates our cars, brings back Obamacare, and makes us all Citizens Of The World, subject to United Nations supervision… ‘Cause we’re just deplorables and we all need supervision, dontcha know.

So they reached out to steal a marshmallow and got their fingers burned: snatch ’em back, put ’em in your mouth, and try again a little later.

A little bit here, a little bit there, and eventually they’ve got us where they want us–pressed face-down to the floor, with their boots on our necks.

But it’s all To Save The P*L*A*N*E*T! So that makes it necessary.

19 comments on “Loony Lib Deletes Green New Deal from Her Website

  1. Why can’t we have true, objective national debates in this country. Let the Global Warming side present their evidence and the Deniers present theirs. This used to happen with the subject of abortion until the pro-death people realized they couldn’t win the debate anymore.

    Seattle has received over 14 inches of snow this month so far which makes it the snowiest February in their history – and more immediate snow storms are in the forecast. We are talking Seattle here!

    Different parts of the globe have their own unique weather conditions to deal with. The Earth is a very big place (and man is a very small creature in comparison).

    1. I was on the phone with someone in Seattle a few days ago, and he said the city was freaking out from all the snow.
      Apparently it snows everywhere except for wherever I am.

  2. Count your blessings this winter, if you can escape this snow. When you get a foot of the stuff in a couple of days and the wind blows it into drifts that a tractor has trouble moving, getting to work becomes very difficult.
    I know it would panic most people in Seattle, since that city has many steep hills and drivers who have never had to learn to drive in snow. Very dangerous. I pray people will not be killed because of this.

    1. You mustn’t be mad at me for liking snow. Here in NJ, snow is a very different kettle of fish. We are a little-bitty highly urbanized/suburbanized state, and even a very heavy snowfall can be cleared up in a day or two. Mishaps are caused by idiots on the Parkway who refuse to slow down on account of the weather. Also, it *very* rarely snows here, so when it does, it’s an event.

      So really, snow for you in Idaho is very different from snow for me in the middle of miniscule New Jersey. Of course I wouldn’t enjoy having to struggle off to work through two feet of snow all winter long. Nor would I enjoy being a member of the Donner party. But that kind of stuff doesn’t happen here. For us, snow is, well, decoration.

  3. A little Trivia for the curious minds: “Okashii-yo” is a Japanese phrase that can mean “that’s ridiculous!” or “that’s strange!” Well, her name is not “Ocasio” for no reason. 🙂

  4. This makes me so mad! How is she the future of the Democrat’s party???Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is totally dumb. Any Democrats making fun of Trump’s intellect need to look within their own rank and especially AOC

    1. All she’s done is reiterate themes that liberals have been mooning over for years. They just used to conceal it behind a mask of sanity. Now they don’t bother to conceal it. That makes me wonder: why?

  5. I know people make fun of her age; seriously I feel age isn’t the issue. When I was 29 I wasn’t living in a Socialist ideological fantasy as she is…

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