Before It Evolved into Twaddle…

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My wife and I like watching videos of prehistoric animals. Usually we can just tune out the Evolution just-so story that accompanies the video, if the visuals are cool enough.

So we settled down on Youtube to watch Morphed: Before They Were Bears.

Apart from the initial absurdity of declaring that life arose from non-living materials, purely by chance, it rained on de rocks and de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah, we were treated to unbearable nonsense about… bears. It seems that whenever prehistoric bears encountered some kind of environmental challenge, they wisely considered what they would need and then proceeded to evolve it.

Oh, boy! Whoever said there’s no quality control on Youtube wasn’t kidding!

So, ya see, the giant panda needed an opposable thumb so he could hold on to the bamboo while he was eating it, but the digits he already had were spoken for, so he just, like, went ahead and evolved one of his wrist bones into a kind of thumb… and what he was eating while waiting for his magical thumb to evolve, who knows? If it takes millions of years for revolutionary new body parts to evolve, how does the species last long enough to benefit by it? Or if it happens real fast, then how come no naturalist or farmer or zoo-keeper or pet owner has ever observed it?

This doesn’t even rise to the level of crapola. We couldn’t make it halfway through this video before we had to turn it off.

Darwinism wouldn’t last another ten days if there weren’t such a deep political investment in it by the Left.

5 comments on “Before It Evolved into Twaddle…

  1. Your final sentence says it all. Actually, evolution is a religion. Many who have followed it admit as much. It is a religion which, if followed long enough, will take one straight down.

  2. If life was so easy to jump start then why can’t we create life out of inorganic material? I always like how they they describe how it happens. Like what decided that the panda needed an opposing thumb and why it needed it? Doesn’t that require thought and reasoning? They don’t believe in God, yet they believe in some unguided force, without any consciousness or thought, arbitrary decided the panda needed an opposing thumb for a specific reason. Which takes more faith to believe?

  3. The theory of Evolution is so stupid it drives me crazy. It’s like what Malcom Muggeridge said about his generation and how easily they swallowed this ridiculous theory hook, line, ans sinker. I like R.J. Rushdoony’s response that he didn’t have enough faith to believe in evolution with its billions and billions of miracles.

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