Almost Published! ‘The Temptation’

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If that cat climbed up the shelf looking for my newest Bell Mountain novel, The Temptation (No. 12 in the series), he was doomed to disappointment.

The Temptation was supposed to be published this week, but the job done by the printer “had some problems with it,” I’ve been told, so those have to be corrected. If you own any of these books, you know Chalcedon has very high production standards.

Anyway, when the book finally is published, which should be soon, you can trust me not to keep the news to myself. And then it’s got to be put on so more of you can buy it (heh-heh).

It was warm enough to ride my bike this morning, which tells me that soon it’ll be nice enough weather for me to start writing another book. The Lord knows (yes, He knows, but I don’t) where that story’s going to go next. I can’t wait to find out.

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    1. I tried to post the cover, but my computer skills did not suffice. I’ll have to figure out some way to do it.
      My computer skills are only slightly superior to my cat’s.

    1. Here and there–very here and there–you’ll find one that slipped through at least a dozen proofreadings by half a dozen different editors.

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