Kittens & Curtains

It looks like curtains for these curtains!
I’m doing the cat video now because I won’t have the strength for it by the time supper’s over.I am wiped out from all this computer agida.
I hope nobody spent a lot of money on those curtains.

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4 responses to “Kittens & Curtains

  • Erlene Talbott

    I have had this happen to me. The curtains were lace, and the cats could really dig into them. Never could convince them this was the wrong thing to do, so I took the curtains down and left roll up shades until they forgot about climbing the windows.

  • evreilly

    Notice all the thread pulls in the curtains! My jeans looked like that from my two kittens. My legs looked battle scarred too. The kittens are now a little older and can get on my lap with a single bound. No more thread pulls or scratches.

  • unknowable2

    They sure have a sense of adventure, and are always ready for a mock battle.

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