Suggestions, Anyone?

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I have to write a column today, and I am plum out of ideas. All I know is, I don’t want to write about political stuff that everybody else is already writing about.

So I am open to suggestions!

I propose to go outside and have my cigar and think–before it starts raining, which is what it looks like it’s shaping up to do–and then come in and see if my loyal readers have come up with anything. Sometimes you can get ideas when you think. It’s that thing that writers do that looks like doing nothing.

Maybe I could write about the cheating in the scholastic chess championship… Is that a plan? We’ll see.

17 comments on “Suggestions, Anyone?

  1. I would address Mayor Pete’s recent blasphemous “God made me this way” comments. This kind of thing has been going on ever since the Garden of Eden, with Adam saying his sin was because of this woman YOU gave me and Eve saying hers was because of the serpent YOU made and put here. Truly there is nothing new under the sun.

    1. You hit that bullseye right in the middle. Thing is, at this point I’m leery about giving this gavone any more ink than he’s already gotten.

  2. there are so many things in Bible prophecy right now. Like Louis Farrakhan say he is the real Jesus, and on it goes. Every nation on earth gearing up for war. Matthew 24 is happening as we watch.

    1. As I read history, though, it’s always Matthew 24. In the 20th century alone we had two world wars, a lot of wars almost as big (like Iran vs. Iraq–incredibly high casualties), plus lots of earthquakes, floods, and fires. What century has been free of major wars?

      As for Farrakhan being “the real Jesus”–Take a number, sunshine, the line forms to the right.

  3. Hmm it’s hard to come up with something different. Off the top of my head:

    The corrupt Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxx letting Smollett off the hook. Apparently she has ties to the Obamas.

    As someone mentioned above Pete Buttigieg, who has a pseudo marriage with a man, said that “It’s time for us to move on toward a more inclusive and more humane vision of faith than what this Vice President represents.”

    There are 18 Democrat candidates running for president in 2020, and there all insane.

    1. I find it distressing to contemplate that Americans would even think about electing a homosexual as president, not to mention his bizarre and blasphemous religious notions.
      At the moment, this dork is polling at 4%. Let’s hope he doesn’t get any higher.

      The Democrats have chased all the normal people out of their party. They have become an existential threat to our country.

  4. Please write about the fact that people today no longer are concerned whether something is right or wrong, factual or a lie. They are only concerned with whether or not they WANT TO BELIEVE it.

  5. How about the contradiction among the lefties when they call for more diversity and inclusion and at the same time rebuke any attempt at sharing between cultures as “cultural appropriation”? Come to think of it, failing to acknowledge worth in a culture other than one’s own is also a Bad Thing, so you’re damned if you do share and damned if you don’t.

    The same thing happened when feminism was the Big Boogeyperson (can’t say “boogeyman,” which is sexist and transphobic). If a man made eye contact with a woman, he was attempting to intimidate her by staring. If he failed to make eye contact, he was erasing her.

    As the ’60s leftists used to say, “The issue is never the issue; the issue is the revolution.”

  6. And speaking of “diversity” and “inclusion” …. The special high school that I attended, one of the NYC schools that you had to take a test to get into, has launched a project for more “diversity” — which seems, from the description in the alum newsletter, to be a matter of lowering standards. (Meanwhile, the screwball mayor has talked about eliminating entrance tests from ALL the special schools in NYC.)

    What’s interesting about all this — and a couple of former classmates and I were discussing the subject recently — is that a review of our Class of 1958 yearbook reveals a surprising amount of diversity: black, white, Asian, last names of every imaginable ethnic background, rich, poor, in between….. And all these girls (I’m speaking of Hunter College HS before it went co-ed, which is a subject for another time) passed the very rigorous test that even some students who passed the Bronx Science test didn’t score high enough to be admitted on the first round. So what happened? How was there so much true diversity in the 1950s and supposedly so little now?

    Things to ponder.

    1. In real life, diversity just happens. It’s natural to America.
      But in Lib-land, “diversity” is pursued as an end in itself, and ham-fistedly contrived.

      What I hate most about it is its insult to my intelligence.

  7. I heard on “Rush” today that when the Starr Report was finished the Dems passed a law that it couldn’t be released so as to cover up all the details about the women Clinton was sexually involved with. Now these same Dems want all the details of the Mueller Report released without any redactions. Hypocrisy and double-standard anyone?

  8. Dems taxing everything – with your great humor.

    The US govt saying it can’t help the flooded out farmers who are going out of business because under current laws & disaster aid programs there’s nothing the US govt can do to help & that congress absolutely refuses to pass a stopgap law to help them, while the US continues to aid foreign countries, populations and farmers (this of course ties into the Green New Deal).

    That renewables are not renewable.

    The loss of property rights and property.

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