The Myth of ‘Campus Rape Culture’

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If it’s so dangerous, why are you there?

Ball State Looniversity in Muncie, Indiana, is offering students the chance to duck out of 15 credit hours’ worth of “traditional course requirements” and get equal credit for immersing themselves in some jidroolery called “Rape Culture in the Age of #MeToo” (

Hot dog. “Students will collect stories of rape culture on campus” and use them to put together a podcast.


If there really is a “campus rape culture” at Ball State–and it does look like the looniversity is admitting that there is–then why do any parents send their daughters there? Do they want them to be raped? Or could it be that they know the whole thing is just a sham? They certainly show no sign of believing that it’s true.

The wonderful thing about imaginary problems, the thing that makes them so useful to leftists of all kinds, is that, because they are imaginary, they can never be solved and they never go away. Hey, if you want something to cry about, try living in Venezuela for a while. Or any other of the world’s notorious hell-holes.

But no–so much nicer to stick around America and whine about “rape culture” without having to worry about really getting raped.

College! Making America dumber by the day.

Please, please, please cut off the funding!

4 comments on “The Myth of ‘Campus Rape Culture’

  1. When the government announced it was going to pour money into student loans, I had a bad feeling about that.
    I also had a bad feeling when Congress announced that drug companies would be paying the FDA for approving drugs.
    It’s obvious now that both bad feelings were justified.

  2. The “sexual revolution” gave our civilization permission to engage in sexual activity without any moral restrictions. Now that they have this, they complain about a natural and predictable side effect of this societal change. When I was a child, sexual morality was assumed and expected. We have lost a great deal.

    1. I agree, the rape culture is nonsense. But some on the Left think that rape happens when someone changes their mind about giving consent, after the fact. It’s blame shifting, plain and simple. All immorality is terribly wrong.

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