‘Memory Lane: Dead Man’s Cave’ (2016)

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I wonder if there even are places like this anymore, that haven’t yet been torn down, paved over, and replaced by nail salons and trendy restaurants.


I say we need wild places, places of mystery–like Dead Man’s Cave. Places that kick the imagination into gear. But I haven’t been back to Dead Man’s Cave in a very long time; I think it might have vanished into the morning mist, like Brigadoon.

Maybe that’s the only way to keep it safe.

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  • unknowable2

    I remember places of interest and intrigue around the neighborhood. There was a mansion a few miles east of my parents home, complete with a private cemetery where generations of that family were laid to recast. It was overgrown when we discovered it, but very interesting to some kids. I believe the the idea of grave robbing was suggested by at least one person. Nothing but talk, however. 🙂

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